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Fiction Ghostwriter for Hire
Welcome to Fiction Ghostwriters where you can hire ghostwriters for your fiction novel, short story, or screenplay.  Our prices are just $29.95 per page for prose works such as novels and stories. Fiction screenplays are $80 and they will require about a third as many pages as a novel.

We can ghostwrite your fiction work in installments. That means that if, for instance, you want a 300-page novel, you can start by ordering the first 30 pages. Once you read the first 30 pages of the fiction novel, just provide feedback and let us know if you need anything revised or edited and if you have any input or questions. Once you are satisfied with your first installment, you can order the next and continue until the entire work is completed.

Many of our fiction works have been published, turned into movies, and had great success. And the best part is that since we are ghostwriters, you will be able to retain authorship and any potential profits made from its sale!  The ghostwriter for hire will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to this affect.
Our Services and Prices:

Screenplay Treatment / Planning Your Movie or TV Show Season -- $995

Feature Film / Movie Screenplay -- $7000 for a 90 - 120-page / minute script; $80 per page thereafter

Short Film Script -- $80 per page

Novel Planning -- This includes chapter-by-chapter summaries and main character descriptions: Just $995.

Novel Writing -- $29.95 per page / 250 words

Novel Rewriting / editing -- since there is such a wide-range rewriting and editing needs based on each client's needs, it is best to begin with our novel coverage / feedback services. See below for more details.

Novel Coverage / Feedback services -- To help you get your novel to the next level, our professional readers and novelists will read your manuscript closely and provide a minimum of 1000 words of constructive feedback and suggestions for each 25,000 words of your novel.  We will let you know we think works well and what can be improved and how and why we recommend these changes, edits, or revisions. With this information, we can also provide a specific and accurate price quote for implementing these changes and additions.

Here are our coverage / feeback prices:

$145 for novels/novellas under 40,000 words --1000+ words of feedback

$195 for novels 40,000 to 59,999 words -- 1500+ words of feedback

$245 for novels 60,000 to 79,999 words -- 2000+ words of feedback

$295 for novels 80,000 to 99,999 words -- 2500+ words of feedback

$345 for novels 100,000 to 110,000 words -- 3000+ words of feedback

 If your novel goes over 110,000 words, please contact us for a price quote

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